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How does the composition process work?

The process starts with filling out the form, there are key questions that will help me get an idea of what you are looking for and will let you know about issues such as values.

The next step is to establish an efficient means of communication, also dictated via form.

After that we will start discussing your project, I will analyze the references you provide and ask for more data if available, such as images or videos of your game.

Here I will have an idea of the complexity of the music and will be able to inform the delivery deadlines.

The contract will be sent and finally, after payment, the composition process will begin.

As soon as I finish the first part of the song, I will send it to you to analyze and give your opinion.

Based on this, I will continue and we will continue until the end, adjusting the music so that it is 100% in line with your vision and the game's proposal.

Don't worry, you will be part of the entire process and will have regular updates on the song's progress.

At the end of the process, the music is delivered.

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Discord: alexjunn