Who is Alex Jun?

First of all, I'm a big fan of music, my relationship with music started early on through the melodies of old games, I remember spending long periods in front of the TV just listening to the magnificent music that set the scene for the most varied games.

Interest in music is born

As I grew up, I had my first ''official'' contacts with music, first through the guitar and then through a toy piano. (I also had my Barbie Piano phase or something).

But along with the music, an old passion had also awakened in me:

The games

That's when I started to search the internet for ways to develop my own games, I learned a lot about programming, modeling and I even finished some games.

Although I liked what I did, I felt that I should specify my area of expertise even more, developing games involves many areas and a lot of knowledge, what I really wanted was to find out why I liked it.

The Return of Music

Finally, after much research, testing, and self-analysis, I discovered what all these things had in common.

I liked to create things!

It didn't matter if it was 3D models, lines of code, scripts or music, I liked to create things, bring them to life and touch people with whatever art, that's what was common in all the things I liked to do, the creation.

At the end of it all, I came to the conclusion that what I loved doing most was creating music and stories.

Today I dedicate my time and effort to create songs that touch people just like in the past game music reached me, even though I still love creating stories as a hobby, music has finally become the main part of my life and today I'm glad I can share some of this part with you!


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